I’ve been hearing some retarded pseudoscience regarding the tranzbanana spectrum of beliefs. I’ve heard claims as ludicrous as “transgenderism is a natural expression of biology”: Yeah, within a handful of species and human ain't one of 'em. You can’t change your species no matter how much of an idiot you are.

   I'm going to be extremely generous and state that the transsexual and genderqueer population, worldwide, is 0.008%. Go ahead and check for yourself! As long as you're not buying the fake figures pulled out of the ass of a tranzbanana political activist, you'll see that I'm well in excess of official, recorded estimates.

   0.008% of the entire world's population. How is it that this tiny group commands the majority of public attention in the LGB community? How did tranzbananas get lumped in with the gay community, anyway? Or even more absurd, how the hell are invasive laws being passed that cater to this tiny population? Have people become so chemically damaged by their environment that these legislative time-bombs are creeping into law through blind, conditioned support or just gross ignorance? Keep on sleepin' on, guys.

   What got the criticism machine running was the recent law passed in Canada that criminalizes normal people for using the wrong gender pronoun "at" tranzbananas. Well, Canadians uuused to have freedom of speech! Exactly how is this law supposed to be employed? It's so sloppy that I just can't wait to see the first couple'a trials. The circumstantial variation of the cases and the obtuse wording of the law; it'll be an absolute shit show.

   Another lil' tidbit of tranzbanana news is that dudes who've undergone sex changes are allowed to, and are dominating, female sports! Boxing is the most hilarious example of this. All for the sake of the "politically correct (PC)" trend in the 1st world where you police others according to how much guilt you feel over this-or-that... but for christ's sake! Be reasonable, tranzbananas! I just couldn't paint a more twisted picture than what we're actually witnessing: A dude with a chopped dong beating the shit out of a girl for an audience furiously masturbating their PC boners. Way to go, you fuckin' idiots.

   Not t' mention the demands by political activist tranzbananas (and company) for specialized bathrooms because, spoiler alert, normal girls don't like dudes in the ladies bathroom, dick and balls or not. More laws were created for this particular "issue" in a few places. Way to go, United States!

   What if I told you that I had an imaginary friend? You'd probably have the same reaction that I have when a person tells me that they're tranzbananas.

   I just do not care about the personal delusions of others.

   It doesn't matter to me that you feel like a girl/boy/giraffe: you're not that, physically. You won't ever be that, physically. You have a right to chase that fantasy with whatever damaging, hormonal procedure or genital mutilation you feel to be necessary for your permanent halloween costume. Just don't even suggest… that minors be allowed to do it.

   Oh, by the way, that's exactly what a bunch of insane morons are lobbying for: legal minors who don't know shit about the world or themselves being lawfully able to mutilate their bodies for life. Minors. The same kid that swears he'll have his fidget spinner collection for eternity wants to chop his dick off or sew a frankensteined one on; a sound investment on your future, my biological offspring whom I can't address by a pronoun! Maybe get through adolescence before making any permanent decisions. I can’t believe I’m saying this to a bunch of sleepers, but you'd do well to sleep on it.
Tranzbanana Mania!
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   Transsexuals and the genderqueer have really been pushed into the limelight, lately. It sure feels like a media trend! The whole idea was to protect the transsexual and genderqueer rights versus unreasonable discrimination. Since this had to brush up against the world of politics, It was only a matter of time before political groups started to push laws that could be, nefariously, applied elsewhere. That's when it showed up on my radar.

   Now, I'm forced to trash the whooole thing into oblivion.

   Before I get started, everyone must understand that some people, like hermaphrodites, have wildly different sexual identities that they are, physically, born with. Regardless, I don't think it's accurate for these groups born with anomalous traits to be thrown in with the "trans" crowd. In this article, I am speaking about transsexual and genderqueer who were NOT born with physical anomalies.

   I hope the last paragraph got through the haze... but what do I really care? The first-and-last timers to my website are going to be offended by any perspective outside their programmed ones. Doomed to a life of confusion, th' poor things.

   Alright, to business! I should say that all humans deserve to have basic rights and to be free from unreasonable discrimination. As for their personal delusions, I maintain that people can be as crazy as they want... as long as it doesn't harm others. For instance, my personal delusion is that I actually think people are reading my website. So, we're all a bit wild.

   Anyone notice that the meaning of the short-hand expression "trans" is growing to encompass all the words in the dictionary? Since when is a person who thinks he's a hamster trapped in a human body considered trans? Transsexual people carry that title after transitioning from sex A to sex B. All you adolescent dumbfucks claiming to be trans-this-or-that need to be jettisoned into space. It's gotten so stupid that I'll be referring to them all as "tranzbananas". At this point, why the hell not?

   This trend has gone from necessary to invasive pretty fast and it needs to get dialed waaay back. All of North America and parts of the EU are on egg shells over this tiny group on the fringe of normal, human society. Yes, I said it. Normal. Words mean things! Check out the definition of "normal", you crybaby nitwits.
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