I know the article is over, but I had to include a list of words and phrases that get tossed around inside the conspirituality community. This nomenclature is best described as equal parts infuriating and amusing. Here are some of the worst/best along with my immediate reaction.

"Disclosure." - I'd rather have exposure. Edward Snowden didn't need to beg for the information, he just found a way to get close to it, took it, and then shared it. There's gotta be a couple orphan hackers, burglars, or ex-military out there who know how to do this too. Be a real super-hero, goddamnit!

"That resonates with me." - I want your skull to resonate from the impact of my elbow. Just say that you agree! You don't have to display your marginal understanding of vibration and frequency within every mundane, dialectical convention.

"Sharing wisdom." - You wouldn't know wisdom if it bit you on the ass. What you arbitrarily judge to be accurate and trustworthy information is hilarious. The definition of wisdom does not apply to the vast majority of what is discussed on conspirituality forums. Use a dictionary! Words mean things!

"Stand in my Truth." - What you're standing in is your own diarrhea. I love the defiant-against-the-world attitude of this phrase. Want a good synonym for truth? Reality. Y'know what's great about reality? We all agree on what it is. You use the word "truth" in conjunction with so much bullshit that the word has lost all meaning to you. Now "truth" means anything that you, personally, accept as an explanation of reality. While we're on the subject...

"Personal Truth" - Yeah, the word you're looking for is "experience", not "truth". The word "truth" already has a definition and whatever the hell you're talkin' about ain't it.

"Use your discernment." - None... of you know what discernment means. Not one. You claim to employ good judgment about one fantastic, unverifiable story and then conveniently fail to do so with hundreds of other stories. You'll accept those as concrete truth.

"Ground Yourself" - That is, before meditation. Note to the astronauts up at the ISS: Don't bother with meditation up there, you need floating rocks in space to meditate.

"Namaste." - If you don't speak hindi, then shut the fuck up. This word is only used by new-agey knobs that need to broadcast their delusional perception of their own "wisdom" to others. It's relentlessly vain.

I may add more as they annoy me.
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