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   How I long for the days when the UFO research community and the new-age spiritualists were 2 separate groups. Now it's a big mess to be discredited and dismissed by the general public. I'm not saying that sharing ideas on different spiritual paths is bad, it's as normal as talking about sex! Well, even sex can get ruined by something and lately, it's like the spirituality community became an STD and the paranormal research community caught it.

   At any rate, the whole scene can now be called one thing: the conspirituality community. They usually express themselves through internet forums, so I'll be trashing either or.

   Before I start destroying this internet phenomenon, I should say that I've had many paranormal experiences throughout my life. I know that there's just tons of sentient life throughout the physical universe and I know that the physical is, itself, a tiny fraction of reality with more sentient "life" beyond that! Everybody has the potential, they just need to learn how to open up. It took practice for me and its easier for some. Everyone can relax because this is not an article trashing the existence of whatever. Also I'm just not into internet forums. I like owning a website.

   So, I do consider some strange shit, but I don't believe in jack shit, if you get me. The stuff I consider becomes the stuff I know when the evidence presents itself. There's no need for belief in that process! Let my philosophy stick in your noodle while I throw conspiritualist forums through the ol' woodchipper.
   Has anyone heard a person use the phrase, "...that really resonates with me"? I bet that person is a member of a conspirituality internet forum! Some popular forums in 2017 seem to be "Info Wars" and "Above Top Secret" where anything goes. Then you have your tightly, politely controlled "Project Avalon" and "Project Camelot". Those ones are main-stream enough for me to hear about 'em. Of course, there are tons of smaller outfits. You get the idea and a few names to look at. Have a blast.

   I'd go out on a limb and say that a (generous) 5% of this community are actual experiencers of various paranormal phenomena. The rest are a mixture of frightened rabbits, pseudointellectuals, narcissists, the mentally ill, and a few liars. It just seems like these forums bring out some ugly behavior. It's fun to watch these TMZ-esque forum battles, even though Id rather see some weird research.

   Want to have a good laugh? Search for the phrase "soul trap", "energy" or "targeted individuals" on any of these forums if you think I'm just being an asshole with the 5% estimate.
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   If the topic happens to be a legitimate anomaly with some solid evidence, you'll be drowning in the sewage of pompous proselytizing by the 3rd post. Everyone will be sure that their unverifiable narrative explains the anomaly. It's like talking to christians all over again.

   When a topic has no evidence (the vast majority), the narrative wars begin. Messengers are scrutinized and an arbitrary consensus will be reached by the owner of the forum and/or moderators which, inevitably, creates the clique that will shame/bully the others into adherence. The people who won't assimilate to the popular perspective will then float over to different forums looking to create or join their own cliques to bully others with. Project Hot Potato!

   If you want to get a good idea on what these people are like, just Youtube the phrase "Shifting Timelines". A warning to my regular readers (if I have any): Keep your viewing device out of reach while watching these videos. You'll throw that thing.

   Speakin' of which, I'm sure you could throw the DSM-5 at a bunch of these people. The truly insane absolutely love these forums. Thanks to the chemical onslaught waged against the 1st world, there are millions of functionally insane people steadily flooding the conspiritualist community. They dig in there like ticks among the sane and the AGA (Ancient Group of Assholes)... I bet they just adore this dynamic. No anomaly can be seriously discussed if crazy people are allowed to join the conversation.

   When recorded proof of an actual conspiracy or anomaly hit these conspiritualist forums, the general public will assume the information to be automatically discredited by association. I don't know how they do it. The sleepers have to consume in comfort, after all!

   Inside these forums, a ton of attention is paid to doomsday scenarios; any negative event or plot where they play the victim will do juuust fine. Like I mentioned before in another article; for these people, the light at the end of every tunnel is an oncoming train.

   There are still some dingle-berries clinging to the Nibiru mythos despite the 2012 doomsday prediction falling through. They seem to want it so bad! Gotta maintain that religious faith in Zecharia Sitchin and his swiss cheese theories. That reminds me, I wonder who would win if Zecharia Sitchin and L. Ron Hubbard battled it out for delicious, zealot faith.

   Some ideas might be seeded into the conspiritualist community to make a hilarious mess of things, who would know? I can't get on board with the idea that they're all a plot hatched by defunct organizations like the Illuminati, though. A lot of people have a lot of dumb ideas. The TV show, "Ancient Aliens" comes to mind.

   I gotta trash Ancient Aliens for a second. They aren't worth a whole article. Anyways, why can't anyone accept the numerous, ironclad clues to advanced human civilizations on earth prior to Sumer? Why would you say that regular academics have history all wrong, then tightly conform the whole show's premise within the framework that those academics built? I thought their interpretation of the data was bad? Why are humans depicted as the eternal dumbfucks and alien meddlers are considered to be masters of the universe? I actually enjoy half of the show: the segments where they detail the anomaly, whatever it is. Then they lose me when everyone starts fellating the dong of alien ingenuity.

   The thing is, if people are seeding these forums with unverifiable disinformation, then how would anyone differentiate it from the unverifiable information? A couple of these stories are obviously retarded and simply must be a deliberate prank on the conspiritualist community. That would be "flat earth" and "sun gazing". I know, you thought flat earth went out of style in the 3rd century b.c.e. Well, retards think it's real again. The other one, sun gazing, is where you stop eating and you stare at the sun for a few minutes a day for food. Never underestimate the power of stupid. It still controls the minds of millions like a parasitic entity! Oh shit, I just made a new theory.

   The best part is the selective skepticism. Conspiritualists will exercise their "discernment" on the mysterious supply of "whistleblowers" entering into the community. Once the community latches on to one, the selective skeptics start their disjointed "vetting" process.