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  Here's a list of the best timeline anomalies. They have the Vornigold stamp of approval due to my mutant ability to remember things. Timeline A is my native timeline and timeline B is the one I live in now.

A: Isaiah 11:6 across all versions of The Bible, "The lion also shall dwell with the lamb..." (There are tons of christian organizations, some are decades old, that still have a lion and a lamb in their logo.)
B: "The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb..." (It should also be noted that this version of Isaiah 11:6 can be traced back centuries. It is present across all translations and verified to be written inside the oldest bibles in existence.)

A: Star Wars Ep. 4-6 (1977-1984), C3P0 is all gold in color.
B: C3P0's right leg is silver from the knee down (I checked this myself on official VHS tapes from the late 80s. Along with my new human body with 4 nerve holes in my skull, these tapes that have long been in my posssession are native to this timeline and different to me.)

A: Disney's Snow White (1937), "Mirror mirror..."
B: "Magic Mirror..." (The room where the mirror is kept is extremely different as well. Disney fans born between the years of 1930 and 1995 will certainly notice this.)

A: The Lindbergh Baby was never found. (It's been a famous unsolved mystery for decades. Hence the context by which the references are made in pop-culture.)
B: The baby's body was found 2 months later just down the street. (This is a wikipedia article where the events described are completely alien to me.)

A: Ed McMahon starred in TV commercials for Publishers Clearing House (Sweepstakes).
B: Ed McMahon starred in TV commercials for American Family Publishers (This company never existed in my native timeline. In the timeline I occupy now, the company has since gone out of business.)

A: James Bond 007 Moonraker (1979). Jaws' girlfriend, Dolly, has braces.
B: Dolly has no braces. (All that's left is the ridiculous score that's supposed to accompany the metal-mouthed attraction.)

A: Iconic Monopoly character, Rich Uncle Pennybags, has a monacle.
B: Pennybags has had perfect eyesight all along! No monacle. (I know the difference between Mr. Peanut and Rich Uncle Pennybags, thanks.)

A: no obvious nerve holes on the face of a human skull.
B: The infraorbital foramen and the mental foramen exist on the face of a human skull.

A: Ancient, artistic representations of Moses have no horns (of course?).
B: Moses has horns.(The error in translation that the ancient artists took literally never occured in my native timeline.)

A: Field of Dreams (1989), "If you build it, they will come."
B: "If you build it, he will come." (This bizarre anomaly doesn't even fit the premise of the movie.)

A: Risky Business (1983), The iconic underwear dance is performed with Ray Ban sunglasses. (The residuals would be the millions of halloween photographs and the products of every-costume-company-ever since 1983.)
B: The sunglasses are not in the scene at all.

A: The Volvo logo is oval. (There's a mouthful. Anyways, the Volvo symbol that we see in this timeline is far too flashy for Volvo. Also, the logo in this reality looks aesthetically lopsided and would never have survived this long in the 1st World trend of "social justice warriors".)
B: Volvo logo is an oval with an arrow sticking out of the top-right section... or the typical "male" symbol.

A: Fruit Loops with 2 cereal pieces. (Do kids still look at the backs of cereal boxes for comics and games while they eat cereal? I used to. Fruit Loops was a favorite.)
B: Froot Loops with 4 cereal pieces.

A: Oscar Meyer. (How could you forget the old jingle that ruined your whole day by sticking in your head like a bullet? They even spelled the name out for you at the end of the song.)
B: Oscar Mayer.

A: Depends brand adult diapers. (C'mon guys... we all knew this one. We all saw it in the store and laughed about it. We can all clearly see the "s" on that logo in our minds.)
B: Depend.

A: Charles Schultz. (I had to ask my dad how to say his name. When I got his answer, I recall being interested in how the "tz" is pronounced.)
B: Charles Schulz.

A: Desi Arnez. (When I was a kid, the I Love Lucy Show re-runs would come on after Saturday morning cartoons. I watched the animated writing of "Arnez" on the screen thousands of times.)

B: Desi Arnaz.

A: Pikachu has a black tip on his tail (This is one I stump the kids born in the 90s with. It's inside their generation, so it works well.)
B: Pikachu has a brown, shit-stain on the base of his tail with no black tip.

I might add on to this list as I verify the anomalies with strong, residual evidence. Or even if it's a personal confirmation! What do I care?