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  Alright you coincidence theorists, it's time to take an in-depth look at the errantly named Mandela Effect! So, get your Depend(s?) diapers on because it's about to get weird.

  Im not one of those people who'll shit their pants in terror over little bits of this reality being contradictory to their memories. Im also not one of those people who will automatically distrust their senses if somebody who sounds official tells them to do so. Im a person whos pissed off that this awesome and bizarre experience is being ruined by... well... everybody!

  Let's be clear, here: We don't know anything about what has happened. I suspect that this event has more to do with consciousness than time, but all anyone has are theories. Nobody knows what happened! Are there 2 timelines involved? Are there more than 2? Did timelines merge? Is one timeline gobbled up? Nobody knows!

  I just have a question for the perpetually frightened: did it ever occur to anyone that this strange event may not be the nefarious plot of some ultra-powerful group or entity? Why are christians, conspiritualists, and other religious cult members so obsessed with playing the victim? Did anyone consider that timelines merging (or whatever) may be a natural process? Of course not! Unless the information is laced with hopelessness and general negativity, these people will not consider it. To these selectively skeptical people, the light at the end of the tunnel is always an oncoming train.
  What's worse is that any rebranding attempts stray into scientific-sounding word diarrhea. Stop trying to name the event, "Quantum" this-or-that. You don't have a goddamned clue how to explain this phenomenon. All this shit about DARPA, HAARP, CERN, LHC, mind control, and "D-Wave" generators makes me wish I could slap all your faces with an old fly-swatter... repeatedly.

  Why name the event, The Mandela Effect, anyway? Well, people (who don't verify any of the information they accept) think he died in the 80s. Nelson Mandela is the weakest reference you could possibly wrangle out of the list of timeline anomalies already discovered that have tons of residual evidence supporting them.

  I know a guy who served in the South African military during the apartheid days. I asked him why people think Mandela died in the 80s. He said the rumor started as soon as Mandela got to his cell. When the death rumor traveled to the rest of the world, nobody bothered to check the claim! To be fair, there was no public internet back then; so, this turd of a rumor was an accepted fact the moment it plopped into somebody's ear.

  The lie persisted until Nelson Mandela's release from prison. It even persisted right up to his death in 2013! I swear, most people in the U.S. know next to nothing about the events happening inside their country, let alone outside of it. So, can we call this event something else?

  Wikipedia and other "fact-checking" websites staunchly assert that the whole phenomenon is just "confabulation among us intellectual plebes". When you accept the Mandela reference as a name for this event, you are confirming that assessment! Why not reference Snow White or C3P0? "The Mandela Effect" moniker stuck to this phenomenon like a fucking booger.

  There's a bunch of other stuff related to The Mandela Effect that makes me so intensely irritated that the only medicine would be to catch on fire. People are really diluting the impact of this event with their bullshit. Some of these assholes are swearing up an' down that the word "yesterday" was spelled "yesturday" in the old timeline. Or the trade towers were hit on September 10th in the old timeline. Or the U.S. had 52 states in the old timeline. These are North Americans who insist on that last one, by the way. I have no idea what sect this nonsense came from. Was it the nibiru pussies or the flat earth morons? Who the hell is this stupid?

  There are even people who are absolutely sure... that Wales was an island called, "Whales" in the timeline we left. The majority of you can't differentiate between an actual anomaly and being an idiot. I mean, it's not a timeline anomaly if you accidentally learn something. Keep confirming that confabulation argument, retards.

   I have my old timeline memories: I was a part of that place. I can tell you that Nelson Mandela didn't die in the 80s, there was no "Jiffy" peanut butter, there was never a line in Star Wars saying "Luke, I am your father", there was never a line in Silence of the Lambs saying, "Hello Clarice", there was never a movie where Sinbad starred as "Sinbad", it was always "Looney Tunes", etc., etc.

That's why the "fact-checking" websites dismiss the phenomenon. Most of the examples are exactly that: confabulation. No cover-up is necessary if the avalanche of dumb crap outpaces the tiny group of timeline anomalies that have residual evidence in existence.

Regardless, I consider that I may be living in a slightly different reality than the one I started out in. Aside from a couple (very bizarre) personal accounts that won't mean shit to you, I listed my favorite timeline anomalies at the end of this article. With that in mind, I want to draw attention to an anomaly that involves these 4 nerve holes present on the face of the human skull. If you aren't familiar, search for:

: infraorbital foramen and the mental foramen

  Now, I've been drawing skulls for a few decades. Most of my references were perfect replicas used in medicine that I would hold and study. I have also drawn countless pieces from photographs of human skulls. Shit, I've seen and drawn human skulls while at museums! I have never seen these nerve holes. It really couldn't be more obvious.

  If this is the anomaly I think it is, then what this implies is that my consciousness may be inside of a new environment down to the last detail: even the human body is included.

  If that were real, then I would bet that everyone has merged their original timeline consciousness with this new one. Maybe some people had their original consciousness overwritten by this timeline version of themselves because they were barely awake to begin with. Or maybe they mix into a consciousness cocktail where people may have 2 conflicting memories of 1 event (like myself)! Who the hell knows?

  No matter which consciousness became dominant, we still ended up in the physical shell native to this timeline. These bodies come complete with 4 big ol' nerve holes right on the front of our skulls! If this is a real timeline anomaly, then the questions that this inspires is not just a rabbit hole, it's a fucking black hole.

  I'd like to mention that none of this stuff is physically harming you. People are breaking down and crying in some of these Mandela Effect videos. Think you could manage to keep your shit together, you broken robots? Get a little bug in your programming and the machine goes all haywire!
  If it's not the awe-stricken people swamping the subject with (ridiculously obvious) examples of confabulation or the true believers who are so sure that they have the answer why, it's the morons who think that they're actually debunking anything. This group spends a couple minutes looking around for ammunition against whatever claim and get exactly the information that this timeline/dimension broadcasts. I should also mention that if you're born after 1995, your opinion on this topic is less than irrelevant. You wouldn't have any frame of reference unless you were born between 1930 and 1995.

Attention everyone: The reality you are seeing is the way that it's always been here! There will be no evidence of anything belonging to that other place... with one exception: Residuals.

  Residuals are the only real evidence of the event. If i were to attempt to define it, I'd say that residuals are RECORDED references to the anomalous subject made by observers who are completely unrelated (legally) to the subject... I... think.