#3. No Direct Taxation

   A lot of you didn't even know you had this freedom in the early days of the United States. I know, you're victims of an admittedly awesome entertainment industry. You just can't be bothered to get a real education because you want to be a sports star, a movie star, or a rock star. Who needs to know anything when you're going for gold, right? Either that or you have already failed in achieving those three professions and are now telling yourself how hard of a worker you are.

   I'm going to jump into the deep-end on this subject and allow you guys to look up the information Iíll be covering. Just pretend you want to know things and review The 16th Amendment.

   Ok, letís continue. Any proposed Constitutional Amendment must be ratified by three-fourths of the states. Over 13 of the 48 states didn't ratify this bullshit proposal back in 1913. For instance, Ohio was counted as a ratifying state even though Ohio wasn't a legally recognized state until the 1950s.

   Let me reiterate: The 16th Amendment wasn't even ratified! Anyone getting a clue yet?

   Some of you clever few may be asking about the Victory Tax Act. Iíll let you look that one up to refresh your memories. Well, only employees of the federal government, residents of the District of Columbia, residents of naval bases, residents of forts, U.S. citizens living in the Virgin Islands, or U.S. citizens living in Puerto Rico territories and possessions were lawfully required to pay the Victory Tax. It is most likely that you don't meet the above criteria, so the Victory Tax Act does not (and will never) apply to you. What's even more gut-bustingly funny is that the Victory Tax Act expired in 1944! Nobody announced this to the U.S. public and so millions of retards pay taxes every year since. I'm not really sure it would have mattered had they announced it; everyone would still pay it like millions of lemmings dressed in Walmart clothes.
   So, fast-forward to now. When you sign your name on that 1040 form, you volunteer to be taxed! Essentially, you're stating that you are a U.S. citizen living in Guam, Puerto Rico, or the Virgin Islands paying taxes on the importation of alcohol, firearms, or tobacco into whichever of those U.S. territories you are (not) living in. The cartel thugs known as the I.R.S. who would enforce that you admit to living in an area you DON'T live in and have to pay taxes for objects that DON'T exist and are NOT being imported into any U.S. territory... aren't even a government agency. The I.R.S. wasn't even created through an act of Congress and is not part of the Department of Treasury. It's all so ludicrous. Go ahead, "fact-check" me.

   What this boils down to is that the Federal Income Tax violates the Constitution because itís a direct tax on individuals and is not apportioned between the states... which is required by the Constitution. This was proven way back in 1871 when the Supreme Court repealed the Revenue Act of 1861. You may as well ignore this uncomfortable information like you've been doing.

   No freedom from taxation for you!
#4. Freedom of Speech.

   Don't make me laugh! You guys are taking this freedom away from yourselves on a daily basis. Demanding that there should be laws against people expressing unpopular opinions or using what you mouth-breathers deem to be "hate-speech". You are all actively narrowing the scope of expression itself. Soon, with all this "politically correct" bullying shaping your pathetically sanitized and illusory reality, people won't be able to articulate any thought beyond whatever narrative is force-fed to the public.

   You won't be able to criticize anyone for their actions because they happen to belong to some untouchable group that cannot be criticized. Just look at what these zionist assholes are doing in Israel and all over the world. You dolts think all zionists are jews and that anything negative said about zionists equate to anti-semitism. Well... zionism is a political faction, morons. It's like saying that all republicans are white and if you hate republicans, you hate all white people.
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#5. Freedom to Travel

   Y'know what really feels free? The freedom to come and go as you please. Guess what happened while you guys were perpetually napping: In 2015, a bill passed that allows the Secretary of State to revoke any U.S. citizen's passport with no due process! This bill passed in fifteen minutes. The Congress criminals were such cowards that they passed the bill by voice-vote to avoid going on record. It's called The Foreign Terrorist Organization Passport Revocation Act of 2015.

   Didn't know about that? That's because no compromised news agency would touch this information with a stolen dick.

   Also, the Drive Act (made law in 2015) has a provision in it that allows the I.R.S. to revoke the passport of any U.S. citizen owing more than 50,000 dollars in back taxes with no due process. Wow... this isn't looking good for people living in the United States! Getting people that far into debt is the name of the game. The AGA excel at it.

   So, no freedom to travel.

#6. Habeas Corpus

   Go ahead... I'll wait for you to learn what that means. Anyone know what the NDAA is? Didn't think so. Maybe youíd like a moment to catch up.

   Anyways, The NDAA 2013 passed with a provision inside it that takes away a U.S. citizen's right to a fair trial. Bonus: You can also be imprisoned indefinitely! Awesome! This passed without one person voting, raising any objection, or even knowing what the hell the NDAA is. So, anyone they want to slap a "terrorist" badge on can be arrested and imprisoned indefinitely without trial. No freedom at all, in other words. You step out of line and your prison cell becomes a lot more noticeable.

   Looks like all you're free to do in the U.S. is shop at Walmart, work at Walmart, worship jesus or yahweh, stuff your face with GMO products, consume vast amounts of refined sugar, drink fluoridated water, buy a range of "smart" products so you can be monitored, and shut the fuck up as the AGA uses your military and the name of your country to enforce their globalist agenda on Earth. That is, until they deem it necessary to sacrifice the United States for the next step of the ol' plan. Not to worry, though. With a little luck, the human race may pull out of this tailspin.
   It's so ridiculous that I'm tempted to just watch the horrible future you people are building unfold into hell on earth. Instead, I run this website and hope that a handful of you will accept the facts.

   As for the most common interpretation of this freedom, the general rule of thumb is that you have freedom of speech... unless you can prove something that is outside of the official story on any given subject. When that happens, you are not allowed to say it. This is prevalent in every area of study and every dark corner of thought happening inside the U.S. and any other AGA-infiltrated country.

   So, no freedom of speech.
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