This shitism will fly out of the mouths of United States citizens like 322 million monkeys flying out of 322 million butts. It has absolutely no basis in reality.

   The U.S. has sold itself completely to the Ancient Group of Assholes (AGA). Well, that isnít entirely fair. The ďdiscoveryĒ of the Americas and the formation of the United States was a planned series of events. Regardless, the AGA have been using the U.S. military to enforce their agenda for the last century. To do this without any obstacles, they pamper U.S. citizens with a vast array of entertainment diversions, poisoned food, fluoridated water, poisonous vaccines, and a steady diet of media propaganda that has no factual backing. This perpetually ill, exhausted, drugged, over-indulged, apathetic, programmable populace will just cover their eyes and ears whenever uncomfortable facts punch them in the face. In this conditioned environment, the AGA has stripped the U.S. citizenry of every freedom they once had... however briefly. U.S. citizens are essentially house guests living inside of Jabba's Palace.

   If you have any idea what I'm talking about, then this article is not directed at you. Congratulations on being normally attentive and informed, I guess. To the rest of you: get ready to cover your eyes and ears while cuddling your material possessions! Let's take a look at what freedoms U.S. citizens think that they have.

#1. Owning Land

   You will never own a structure or land in the United States. Letís say I sold you a camping tent. After you get your tent, I tell you that you canít sew on extra rooms to your tent without my permission. You canít rent your tent out to other people without my permission and I will require a cut of the money that you take in. You canít have certain pets or too many pets in your tent. You will also be required to have electricity and water hooked up to your tent. If you donít do any of the things Iíve demanded of you and your new tent, then I will take your tent away without returning any of your money. I almost forgot, I will be charging you a property tax on myÖ I mean your tent! If I happen to want my, whoops, your tent back, you have no choice but to sell. Donít worry, it will be a fair market valueÖ but it will be less than what you originally paid for the tent.

   Does it sound like you own that tent? Even if you did manage to pay your mortgage off while inflation and interest (courtesy of the fractional reserve system) continue to rise year by year making the deal you made with the bank worse and worse, you will still have to pay property tax that will far exceed the price of the property itself.

   So, no freedom to own land.

#2. Personal Privacy

   The NSA (which is merely one branch of the AGA's surveillance net) is collecting data on you down to the most mundane detail. They have access to your purchases, your emails, your bank transactions, your favorite products, your Facebook profile, your phone calls, your conversations in public and in private, and they have full access to the hard drive on your various computer devices. They can activate the microphone or camera on any "smart" device at any time even while the device is off. They can activate wifi to transmit data on any device at any time even while the device is off. They have eyes on you wherever you go through a web of surveillance cameras on every building, in every building, at every intersection, and on satellites orbiting earth. These satellites can take full color, full detail video of an ant walking on a sidewalk from space. They can even take full control of any vehicle made after 2004 by "hacking" the on-board computer.

   Oh you didn't know any of that? Well... it's a fact. You don't have the option of "belief". Research it and despair!

   Thanks to the recent 1.1 trillion dollar Omnibus Spending bill passed amid the snores of the sleeping U.S. populace in 2015, the illegal surveillance that I mentioned above is now legal and expanded! See, inside that bill was hiding the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA) of 2014 updated with revisions that spread your private information to even more government agencies (and other groups, of course).

   Didn't know that either? Of course not. You're busy blabbing away on Twitter and Facebook! Donít do them too many favors, guys.

   It would piss me off if I didn't think it was so funny. The punchline is definitely Standard Operating Procedure 303. It's essentially a cellphone and Internet kill-switch so U.S. citizens can be isolated from reality should things get hairy for the AGA's military asset .

   You'll have total idiots trying to convince you that all of this will protect you from terrorism. Too bad that once you want any freedoms back, you become the terrorist. If youíre too noisy and popular with any dissenting opinion or collection of evidence, guess what kinds of fun things can be stored on your computer in order to discredit or incarcerate you.

   So, you don't have any personal privacy.
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