There are a lot of patriotic U.S. citizens who truly believe that they know United States and world history. They routinely regurgitate the fantasy versions of historical events with the same fervor as a North Korean praising their ruling family of super-heroes. Indeed, the system by which fake history is taught is nearly identical. A proud American would surely bristle at that last sentence, but it doesn't take away it's validity. That system is built on nationalism.

  These United States television-taught historians really believe that the "founding fathers" were all Christians. They believe that the U.S. was instrumental in stopping the Axis powers in World War 2. They even believe that federal income taxation is legal even though the Constitution specifically forbids it (I'll have to go into detail on that elsewhere).

  Well, since the spike in popularity of the internet in 1995, these fanciful beliefs are being crushed. I am having a ball watching these avid historians swallowing truck-loads of bitter reality. The educational iron curtain has been drawn... but there are still a few things left to expose. This article is about Freemasons and the U.S. War of Independence.

  Starting with the Ancient Group of Assholes (I call them the A.G.A.) that erected monuments and infused all the architecture in The New World with their symbols is essentially starting in the middle. To go back any further than the War of Independence is beyond the scope of this article.

  However, I would like to draw your attention to the Washington Monument. Not one U.S. historian will acknowledge the origin of the symbol. They will just puke out some George Washington praise and avoid the fact that this monument is Egyptian. It is the Phallus of Osiris. A very important symbol to the A.G.A. This same symbol stands in the courtyard of the Vatican. I'm surprised that one isn't standing in London, England as well. Maybe they felt that clearly marking all of their points of control would be too obvious (being Military, Spiritual, and Financial respectively). I'm not even talking about Freemasons yet!

  The A.G.A. infected the Freemasons with their filth a long time ago. Every single religion, philosophy, and occult organization have A.G.A. Dark Occultist meddlers mixed in with the rest of the seekers. I wouldn't be callin' them "The Illuminati", though. Referring to these spiritually and ideologically retarded bags of garbage as "enlightened" is absolutely backward. They're just mad that they can't act without consequence, the crybabies. So they all conspire to be the little kings of their percieved prison.

  I think that when an organization is infiltrated by evil men, it should be abandoned and torn down to nothing while fully exposing all occult knowledge to the public record. I don't care that the Freemasons "do a lot of good". I know that the Freemasons protected science through the dark ages, but they were also responsible for the modern slave trade between 1500 c.e. through to it's abolishment. If a group or individual does something awful, we don't owe them shit no matter what good they've done.

  I know that the 30th degree and lesser degree members don't think that their beloved brotherhood has anything to do with what I'm talking about. To those people, I contend that you know nothing of your own fraternity. Any group of people hoarding knowledge, power, or wealth is divisive anyways. Screw them all.

  So yes, I am anti-Freemason. Nothing good will ever come of allowing service-to-self individuals to have a vote or direct policy in any organization. Get a fucking clue, please.
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  Let's take a quick look at The War of Independence. This war was so obviously rigged that it's staggering how blind people can be to established, cross-referenced fact. It's pathetic. King George the Third was being played from the beginning by the A.G.A. working through the Freemasons. Or maybe he was in on it: who the hell knows. It just seems to me that the guy wasn't on a real need-to-know basis. Like the George W. Bush of olden times.

  First, you have Mason Sir William Howe. This guy defeated Mason George Washington in Long Island and then decided to let him escape. Dessertions reduced George Washington's army to 10,000 in New Jersey and instead of swooping in for the kill, William Howe let him escape again into Pennylvannia. Then, William Howe went to New York to hump his mistress and let George Washington escape again despite having his forces camped within 25 miles of Washington's starving and beaten army! In New York, William Howe sent in his resignation papers to King George then went to Philadelphia to party while they went through. Howe could have pressed the advantage and won the war 3 times and did not! I'm sure King George was starting to suspect that something was up.

  Second, Mason Sir Henry Clinton took over for Howe in 1772. He didn't do shit the whole time. He was busy choosing which one of his New York properties to philander in. I'm sure he eventually chose them all while he dodged command responsibilities. Clinton then left Mason Sir Charles Cornwallis in charge of the war. I bet King George was screaming in total confusion over the constant failures and betrayals by military men he was supposed to be able to trust.

  Third and meanwhile, Mason Benjamin Franklin was hanging out with Mason Jean Rochambeau in France. In between piles of hookers and intense drinking binges, Franklin got Rochambeau to send in naval reinforcements to George Washington in Yorktown.

  Forth and at the same moment, Mason Charles Cornwallis conveniently chose Yorktown to resupply his troops. To the surprise of nobody, Cornwallis surrendered when his army was surrounded by Rochambeau's ships and Washington's men. At this point, King George would certainly have known he had been played.

  Viola! The most important sequence of events never taught in any United States history class to this day. How can these facts be overlooked? It's either insane or deliberate. This war and the resulting country that was built was rigged from the start. To anyone looking at these facts, the Freemasons are blantant conspirators. Freemasons puppeteered by the ancient group, I should say. It only took until 1913 to orchestrate the rest of their plan: to create the Federal Reserve.

  Now is it surprising that the United States enforces the will of the central bank cartel, the infection of the Judeo/Christian religions, and the infection/demonization/subjugation of any Islamic religion through the might of it's well-funded military? Nope, it's not. From the very beginning, the people of the United States were set up. The citizens of the U.S. are there to unwittingly grease the wheels of this ancient group's military arm. Totally ignorant, loyal, and properly sedated. Their plan probably includes sacrificing them at some point in the future as well.

  Thomas Jefferson and his ideas never had a chance.
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