We wouldn't have any more politicians. Lawyers wouldn't defend people who have irrefutably committed a crime. Religious leaders would certainly be held accountable for a whole slew of mischief. Advertisers would lose their jobs and engineers would rise to new levels of popularity. Income and the monetary system itself would eventually be phased out as people realize that there is nothing separating us from eachother. War would be an impossibility. The lust for power, status, and material objects would be squelched. All selfish behavior would be immediately exposed and, hopefully, people would be ashamed and embarassed by it. Well, they would have no choice. The current generations living would be the last selfish, lying, pieces of shit on Earth. Then they die and Earth takes it's place among the universal community! Why not dream big here? It's my fantasy!

  When you really look at it, people have been conditioned to see deception as necessary. It is the only way social systems, like the ones we currently experience, can even exist. The conditioning has many facets too. The most obvious examples aside, just look at the last 2000 years. The polite lie and the white lie were essential due to the ever-present threat of getting stabbed in the face by a psychopath. Times have been so brutal that people were sometimes required to lie in order to survive.

  Well, those unfortunate circumstances are now thinning out. We, as a species, could take the steps and build an honest society now if everyone weren't so addicted to material wealth, status, and power. The 3 spiritually useless rewards that keep dishonesty alive through a comparatively less brutal, modern age. Who's got the balls to take the step? The only thing that would be sacraficed is your pathetic vanity. Things could be good for everyone across the board; not just good for some people like it is now. I swear, our planet must be quarantined from participating in the rest of the universal community. I wouldn't trust Earth humans. Would you?

  So, instead of saying "to be honest" and "honestly" before or after sentences, how about actually being consistantly honest?
  There is a shitism that perfectly reflects the typical mindset in this modern world. That is, this modern world sculpted by a very perverse and pervasive ancient group of assholes (I call them the A.G.A.). The group that would have us believe that deceit is "in our nature". It is the shitism, "to be honest" or "honestly" that I am going to trash... right now.

  What a disgusting reality we must endure to require the use of such a phrase. This urge to modify your sentences with a signal to the listener that you are about to say something honest. It's as if you're admitting to lying the majority of the time and your next sentence is a brief exception. It just rolls off the tounge without a thought!

  I can't believe I have to say this: lying is not a mark of intelligence. The stupidest animal will employ deception because it is the very basest form of selfish expression. It's the easiest way to get what you want without having to earn it or deserve it.

  How do you fix it? First you have to fix yourself, of course. Next, you must not allow the entertainment media to teach your kids. You'll actually have to be a parent once in a while and give a shit.
  A kid's personality is being shaped by the environment. Negative experiences and poor instruction make horrible people. Look around at the vast amount of unaccountable, entitled, ignoble, dishonest people walking around making Earth a terrible and embarassing place. That can all be amended if people start really caring about kids enough to give quality instruction and improve their environments. How can you improve the environment? It all starts with honesty.

  Just for fun, imagine that everyone magically gained telepathic abilities overnight. Nobody would be able to lie anymore. Everyone would know everyone else's thoughts. Watching the adjustment period would be so amusing for me.

  All of our most popular, wealthy, and influential people would suddenly be exposed for what they are: animated puppets made of deceit and dog crap. Indeed, these people use the above shitism as a way, not to alert people of a rare instance of sincerity, but as a smokescreen for a bigger lie.
To Be Honest...
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