The Children of the Real Ghostbusters watched in horror as their kids started to adopt the traits of the ghetto retards (Cry-Babies) they left behind all those years ago. Meanwhile, the non-black population of the U.S. were watching and listening to this same crap thinking, "What the hell is wrong with black people?"

  Here is where the negative feedback loop between blacks and non-blacks in the United States began anew. The fire of this general dis-ease was stoked by a couple abortions of the justice system like the Rodney King and O.J. Simpson trials. It almost seemed deliberate.

  There were a few terms that were interjected into this mess by who knows who. Like the word "African-American". African-American is probably the stupidest terminology I've ever seen people blindly accept in the history of language. Black people come from a whole lot of different places than just Africa. I guess that Egyptians and Dutch South Africans living in the U.S. are also African-Americans. I suppose that Canadians in North America and all the people living in South America are not Americans. Any way you look at it, this term is constructed from ignorance and total stupidity. I seriously doubt a U.S. black person coined this term. It was just repeated in the media until it stuck.

  Don't forget the word "nigger". This word has reached mythic status in the U.S. Guess what other country cares about this word: Not one other country. U.S. idiots have decided who can say nigger and who can't say nigger. Who gets applauded and who gets fired for saying nigger. There is even a substitute word to use the word without saying the word! It's "the N-word". Yes, we are all students at Hogwart's and nobody can utter the name of Nigger the Evil Wizard. It's all so dense that it beggars belief.

  Or what about the term "hate-crime"? What an abstract distinction to pervert the word and concept of crime. Just for you imbeciles that have actually used this term in a sentence, there are 2 types of crime: violent and non-violent. The term "hate-crime" is conditioning you to accept a pre-determined motive for a crime. Later, this conditioning will be used against you in the form of your right to a fair trial being taken away. Well, they won't take it away, you morons will vote it away. Racism is a pretty handy tool for powerful people.

  Now in the 2010s, the Children of the Cry-Babies (the majority) are having kids. There are still a handful of the Children of the Real Ghostbusters who have kept their kids away from this garbage culture. My hat goes off to them because this current black culture is relentlessly compounded and popularized through all U.S. entertainment avenues. One exception is the recent Netflix show, "Luke Cage". That show actually illustrates what I'm talking about pretty well. The U.S. needs more Luke Cages and less Cottonmouths.

  The feedback loop of annoyance between black and non-black people in the U.S. is now at a fever-pitch. When you turn on the propaganda T.V. news, you see the black kids that adhere to this Cry-Baby culture robbing mini-marts in huge groups being reported as "a flashmob of teens". Let's not forget Black Lives Matter protest/riots and some ineffectual "boycott" of the Grammys.

  Then you have policemen acting like armed, psychopathic bullies murdering people who challenge their authority. Killing more white people per year than black people, might I add. This is reported as something other than an outright crime. Like there should be some sort of dialogue about it instead of just throwing these cops in jail when they are proven guilty. The propaganda media reports only the white-on-black murders and people around the globe gobble up this controversy like a reality T.V. show. It starts looking like a perfectly orchestrated plan when you really look at it.

  Why? What's the point? What's the endgame? Who benefits? Well, to answer that would extend past the focus of this article. This U.S. specific black culture is only one tool being leveraged against all United States citizens. There are whole industries that revolve around cleaning up the mess of social discontent. These industries sell you anti-depressants, alcohol, food and water contaminated by sugars and flouride. They sell you entertainment packages built for total escapism. They sell you their politics and their ideas to fix the problems that they intentionally generate like militerizing the police force. Or maybe even push the country into the U.S. usurper government's wet dream: a fully monitored, capitalist, police state that will turn the gears of an oligarchical war machine.

  There will be many of you who now see this carefully engineered U.S. black culture for what it is. There are undoubtedly many more of you who are frantically looking for a comment section to call me a racist or some such nonsense. Here is my challenge to the latter group: have a black person who does not live in the United States read this article and ask them what they think. I am confident that they are just as horrified by this U.S. black culture as I am.

Or maybe I should end this article with, "It's cool. I can say these things because I have a black friend."
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   By the 1990s, non-black music producers decided that gangster rap was going to be all that people heard. One has to wonder where those orders came down from. This new voice of U.S. black culture was fielded by the Children of the Cry-Babies since they were now in their late teens to early twenties. This came after the movie "Colors" which romanticized black gang life. Other movies hit the scene in the 90s that further pushed this new black culture onto black people like "Juice" and "Boyz in the Hood".

  So now the Children of the Real Ghostbusters that held onto the old black culture and stayed out of the ghetto had kids in the 90s. Those kids, the Grandchildren of the Real Ghostbusters, watched this trash culture on TV and listened to the total bullshit lyrics that gangster rap was composed of. Suddenly, all black children were being misled into thinking that this materialist, power-hungry, status-driven, violent, selfish garbage devoid of anything noble was their black culture.