So I have to trash something that's been bugging me for a long time: United States black culture. Try to quell the programmed alarms sounding inside your heads right now. I would like to clarify a few things before breaking this logical observation over your thick skulls: There is no such thing as a "master race". If you've ever entertained the thought that skin color or geographic location can affect intellect and aptitude then you should do humanity a favor and jump into a woodchipper. You might also want to look up the word "culture" in a dictionary because that's what I'll be addressing. If people happen to adhere to a culture, it is their own damned choice. Remember: if you've got a problem with stereotypes, then stop validating them.

  Now... black culture in the U.S. has been giving a bad name to the rest of the black population on the planet for decades. A minority group that makes up, roughly, 14% of the U.S. population has painted an entire race with the most unfortunate collection of traits imaginable. The worst part is that black culture in the U.S. has been built not only by the black people who adhere to it, but also by external forces that have deftly coerced certain reactions out of the black community for the last 45 years. I'll leave the identity of the latter culprits for you to figure out. As for the black culture of the United States, allow me to explain just what the hell is wrong with it and where it started going crazy.

  Slavery. Of course I'm going to start with this bullshit. Black people in the U.S. think that the first time slavery ever happened on Earth was 250 years ago in North America. Too bad that every single person on this planet has ancestors that were slaves somewhere in history. It's a practice older than prostitution. Anytime a weaker group was dominated by a stronger group, slavery happened! As far back in time as you want to look and on every continent, this was the case.

  It doesn't surprise me that the majority of black people who adhere to this culture don't know anything about history, but it would seem easy enough to pinpoint the group behind the slave trade in America. The information is literally everywhere. Instead of blaming the U.S. government, why aren't black people going after the Freemasons? They were the absolute cornerstone of the slave trade from, at least, the 1500s on. Masons in Spain and Portugal licensed the trade and Mason sea captains bought the licenses. Then, Mason bankers and merchants in France lent the cash for the licenses and paid for the expeditions!

  The weird thing is that race never really mattered to slavers until 1505 through to it's abolishment. You can thank the Spanish Mason slavers because it was they who started the trend that black slaves were more resiliant than the others. Guess who loved owning black slaves: Everybody. Khazar jews, Jesuits, Masons, Black Africans and every other rich person or group owned them. The African Egbo and the Efik people were instrumental in the black slave trade and they were black! Or what about Prince Witten or Juan Bautista Collins? Both were wealthy blacks in Florida that owned tons of black slaves along with slaves of all the other races. So really, the U.S. black community needs to put the slavery card back in the deck for good. You don't get to be more offended at slavery than the rest of us just because it happened most recently.

  It took a fucking Civil War to stop slavery. I laugh when I hear this "reparations" bullshit come out of people's mouths. Out of the 2,200,000 Union Soldiers fighting (and 300,000 dying) to free black people in the Civil War, 210,000 were black. The demand for reparations is the most ungrateful garbage I've ever heard.

  When slavery was stopped in the United States and later in the dutch municipalities, that specific form of slavery was gone from the world until the early 1940s. The Nazis brought it back when they victimized the Khazar people who followed judaism in Northeastern Europe. As we all know, that resurgence of slavery was very brief. Now we all enjoy first-world wage slavery.

  Anyways, the 13th Amendment was enacted and decades went by as (white) people passed laws to patch up any loopholes that racist assholes were using to further enslave black people. By 1920, black people started developing their culture. When the 1970s came around, that culture went haywire.
  Where the early United States black culture centered around positivity and education (I'll call them the Real Ghostbusters), this new generation of black people born in the 70s started to toss those ideals aside. A new culture began to form and it was an embarassing one. Instead of staying the course with pride against all odds like their parents did, the 70s black generation (the Cry-Babies) decided to ditch education and positivity and embrace the victim mentaility of indignant anger and self-destructive habits.
  There was also the matter of the CIA getting caught supplying crack cocaine to black ghettos, but let's get real: nobody was shooting crack bullets into black people. The Cry-Babies made bad choices. They turned away from their Real Ghostbuster parents and acted out.

  Despite the deterioration of the Real Ghostbuster culture, a small portion of the 14% black population in the U.S. kept this true culture alive. Patience rewarded them and by the 1980s, the old racists were dying out fast. The Children of the Real Ghostbusters hit the middle class and beyond with no obstacles left. We started seeing rich black people in the U.S. for the first time since the black slavers of spanish Florida. The majority (the Cry-Babies), however, stayed in the ghetto with a head full of drugs, alcohol and excuses. The next generation of that wayward majority (Children of the Cry-Babies) truly shaped U.S. black culture as we know it today.
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