Hit the action in a dating game that somehow combines feminism with prostitution!
Consumer Courtship Adventures
  Where all endeavors, even love, must be achieved through a debt-based monetary system. Shop for beautiful ladies in a state-of-the-art, open world environment! All of the gorgeous girls you discover have different, exciting prices that you must guess to win a round-trip ticket to their coveted vaginas!
  Will you get lucky with a drink opportunity or will you blow it by implying that hookers run the same racket. Only your wallet and a web of lies can say for sure!
Consumer Courtship Adventures is for use on your Videogame Entertainment System.
Also try our other award-winning title, Consumer Christmas Adventure
AGA Games is a trademark of AGA Software Corporation. "Consumer Courtship Adventures" and "Consumer Christmas Adventures" are registered trademarks of Cabal Studios. Copyright 1988 Cabal Studios
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