It's really disturbing to me how prevalent this honor-among-thieves version of loyalty is. Let's put it this way: if you hold loyalty higher than honesty, justice, and nobility then you are a piece of shit. Let me type that more obnoxiously to really get it into your damaged brains.


  That means covering for friends or family, lying for friends or family, and protecting friends or family from getting what they deserve. It all makes you just as much of a piece of crap as they are; accomplices to the crime.

  I know that there are corrupt laws enforced by local governments and, largely, the Ancient Group of Assholes (AGA). In these cases, I would suggest following the path of service-to-others as you walk the razor's edge of honesty in a compromised environment. However, when you really look at the myriad problems that the people around you are faced with, you come to recognize how much of their burden is caused by themselves. Are any of you assholes having an epiphany yet?

  Basically, you're either doing the right thing or you're (at least an accomplice to) doing the wrong thing.

  Let your friends and family get what they deserve if they act in unjust, ignoble, or dishonest ways. Maybe life in society will teach them proper lessons because you certainly aren't stepping up to the plate.

  I'm sure some of you are saying, "I'm glad he isn't MY friend."

  And why is that? Are you planning on doing things that are unjust, selfish, or just plain wrong? Do you cause problems and expect your friends or family to cover for you even when they know that you're wrong?

Way to drag people into your sorry life full of negative (and obvious) consequences that you've created.

  I guess I'm glad we're not friends, as well! So relieved, actually.

  Or maybe you have friends or family who do awful or dishonest things to other people on a regular basis. You just say, "Well, they haven't done anything to me..." and then you keep their secrets so you can keep your friend like a coward with no self esteem. Or maybe you pat yourself on the back for blindly defending a family member. You're so loyal!

  Really, just stop being another piece of human trash to add to the global dumpster...

  ... and for society's sake, stop teaching your kids this bullshit version of loyalty.
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I'm loyal to my friends!
  So, the other day, this guy told me he had to get into a bar fight because of his friend. This is how he related the story to me:

  "I went to a few bars with Dick last night and he told me he was pissed off. He said he wanted to get a drink and forget about it. So we go downtown and as soon as we walk into the bar, Dick gets in some random guy's face! Dick kept yellin' at the guy saying that he looked at him funny! The dude was not being aggressive at all. Then Dick punches the guy and a security guard goes after him. So I punched the security guard and, after a big ol' fight, we got thrown out."

  This person felt soooo proud of the experience. All I could think about was the injustice done to the person his friend basically attacked.

  I asked why he made the decision to fight. He said, in the typically virtuous tone for this sentence, "I'm loyal to my friends! What kinda question is that?"

  Nice. Loyalty at the expense of nobility.

  Rather than witness his eyes glaze over in confusion, I just let him be the retard he was groomed to be. As far as he blindly accepts, he's doing the right thing. Nevermind actually thinking before you do things or paying attention to how your actions affect reality.

  Everything we see in popular entertainment compounds this bullshit interpretation of loyalty.
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