I have to wonder what information sources they consider trustworthy. Fox News? MSNBC? BBC? NPR? Other programs that excel at mixing facts with propaganda garbage? Does it have to be on a television screen instead of a computer screen to be legitimate? It's ridiculous.

  Y'know what the internet is good for? Cross-referencing information. It's not an oracle and it's not a box of lies... it's a tool. Why I have to spell this out for people is beyond me.

  Pretend you want to learn things for a second and research through all journalistic sources among all different countries. Next, compare and contrast the information, verify facts, disregard unverifiable bullshit, then create a hypothesis or simply accept the facts. It's that easy, folks.

  Don't just "believe" you have the correct information once you've looked at websites like Snopes or FactCheck. Why the hell would you trust any website to do research for you? These sites just gobble up official story propaganda and crap it directly into your brain.

  It's easy to obscure reality on fact-checking websites. All they have to do is provide the links that support their line of reasoning or the story they are paid to tell. Sometimes, it's trendy public shame that will steer their research (absolutely engineered, by the way). Guess what else! These websites can be influenced by special interest groups whether they are bribed outright, threatened by the withdrawl of advertising money, or just plain threatened. Again, I have no idea why I have to spell this out. Maybe it's the fluoride making you guys hazy.

  Expand your research and stop being an ignorant chode. Don't just pick a few sources for information then regard them as a concrete fact from the lips of whatever agency of crontrol that you grovel before.
  The internet is a tool, so use that tool correctly. Learn stuff.
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Well, if it's on the internet, then it MUST be true!
  People tend to use this handy shitism as an excuse not to learn anything. The best part is that you have two opposing groups that will puke this sentence out for different reasons.

  The first group thinks that everything on the internet is true just because somebody knows how to spell, take a picture, or record a video and they will say this shitism in earnest. This group will routinely trash themselves just by existing. Let's let the crazy be crazy.

  The second group thinks that everything on the internet is false or faked. They say this shitism sarcastically. I will be trashing this second group. So, hold onto your hats and glasses.

  It doesn't matter how much verifiable, cross-referenced information can prove a claim, this group will always cry out, "LOL FAKE". They briefly acknowledge some bit of information then dismiss whatever doesn't fit into their narrow, inherited world-view. Basically, they mistake their deliberate ignorance with skepticism.
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