Time for reality; Oops, there goes depravity! Takin' some liberties with Eminem material, there.

  I'm going to tell you guys something people seem to be missing: You are never a slave to your actions. Thoughts become actions. Unless you're mentally ill, of course. They're slaves to thoughts and actions! What a wild filter for spirit to experience through.

  Anyways, if you're even capable of criticizing yourself without having a medicated meltdown, just count how many excuses you give to yourself and others throughout the day. All of those excuses are backed by justifications that you think are static. Well friends, nothing behavioral is static.

  I know compromised doctors and scientists will continually attempt to prove that behavior is hereditary or chemical... but there are always variables that are intentionally glossed over. It's like behavioral science is doomed to fall short on proving anything.

  The problem might be that these sciences are built on top of environmental pressures like the service-to-self philosophies that are woven into the structure of our modern society. It's a reality cage to house our experiences built by people who do not have our best interests in mind. Remember, just because something is "normal" doesn't mean that it's right.

  Regardless, you could always stop being a dickhead and start thinking before you do things. Fire up your tiny noodle and look ahead at the consequences of your actions. Clairvoyance not required.

  Don't just push those inconvenient thoughts away so that you can act selfishly. When you do that, you don't deserve forgiveness; you deserve to be punched in the crotch by a werewolf.

  You are not excused!
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It's just in his nature.
  Have you ever had some jerk apologize to you and they embark on this big dramatic confession? The person often lays out all the selfish and careless crap they assault others with on a daily basis as if they are the star of a day-time T.V. show.

  Once they're finished, you're supposed to forgive them and say something like, "I understand. It's just in your nature.": The shitism of the enabling apologist.

  Afterward, this asshole usually thinks that they can rest easy, feel like they had a brave moment of humility, and not modify one bit of the behavior they just admitted to. In fact, they form a habit of acting selfishly and then expecting forgiveness! It doesn't help that all of you suckers let them do it over and over again.

  Don't forget that the one granting forgiveness likely has a motive as well: to get let off the hook later (maybe with some other person) for their own bad behavior. Both parties think that this is a part of forgiveness, not having to ever amend your selfish and careless behavior. Is this deliberate or subconscious? Who the hell knows or cares; the result is always the same.

  Well, screw that. Forgiveness is necessary as any social human knows, but this backward society has somehow erased the fact that both parties have a responsibility in this arrangement: one person forgives and the other person fixes their selfish thought-process that lead to the initial offense! It can't be fixed, you say? Just part of their nature, you say? Bullshit.

  It's hilarious to think of the consequences if this retarded concept of ambiguous "natures" gains more popularity and starts infecting school environments. Oh wait, it already has. Look around at how many unaccountable, discourteous dong-bags are roaming the earth due to this glorious excuse. Don't think you're one of them? That would be a rarity. If you can manage it, stop the deluge of lies you feed yourself every second. See reality for what it is. Are you one of them?

  I regularly call people out on their selfishness. Each time, the facts are always news to them. It's like their senses are taking in information and then it gets filtered through a haze of solipsistic vanity before it gets to their brain.
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