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You either know or you don't know. There is no belief!
  You can read that title to yourself in Yoda's voice, if you want. Yeah... I'm absolutely sick of the word "believe".

  Lately, I have been noticing this word being used so far out of context that it makes me want to puke on people when they say it.
  Here's a quick example:
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  Let's ignore the fact that the fat guy's a coward for a moment and inspect how this word is being used, nowadays.

  The driver has taken a proven fact and reduced it to something less... just by the use of the word "believe".

  Basically, you don't have a choice whether you want to believe proven information. It's already a fact with supporting evidence! No belief necessary! You just accept it and reappraise your delusional interpretation of reality.

  Now that I really look at it, the concept of belief seems to have been invented so that people can feel okay about not knowing anything. It absolves them of any responsibility to investigate and gather evidence to prove a claim. It also allows people to make decisions based on things that they don't know. In politics and religion, this feature of belief is super important. Demagogues use it as a primer before painting the interior of your empty heads with bullshit.

  Who needs facts when people will accept any information through ignorant belief or faith? Just have some person the community trusts state whatever claim you want and it magically becomes true through people's belief!

  Imagine all the mischief you could get into if you were an influential person, government, bank cartel, or ancient organization. I mean, you wouldn't ever need facts to sway public opinion on events. You could demonize groups and individuals with truthy-sounding hearsay. You could even start wars, clearly define who you want the enemy to be and then get armies of sleepers to fight the wars for you!

  People, either you know something is real and true... or you don't. Make an effort and research the information given to you.

  Stop believing! Just Stop!
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