To my regular readers (if I even have any): you should know by now that I'm not trashing you in any article. I'm going after the first-and-last-timers that accidentally find my website.

   To everyone: I will not be holding your hand by providing source-links all throughout my articles! Pretend you're a person who wants to know things and do your own research.

   In case you haven't figured it out yet, the internet is a great tool for cross-referencing and verifying information. So, instead of frantically looking for a comment section to bitch me out with, do this:

1. Open a new tab on your browser.

2. Actually research whatever bruised your delicate anus.

3. Let the cold hand of dread close around your heart as you realize that these... are the ugly facts.


This entire high-tech website and all it's content are original works of art by me. Every bit of every page has a copyright slapped on it.

I will aggressively, legally pursue any copyright infringement... BUT, I don't care if you share.
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